Gen 3 Taper-Lock Cutting Head


The Taper-Lock cutter head utilizes both the Forster pilots and carbide blades.  The Taper-Lock cutter head trims full length as well as chamfers both the inside and outside of the case.  The carbide blades are extremely repeatable and bullet proof.

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Please order cutter heads for new trimmers as needed.  This will not affect your order

These will only fit the Gen 3 trimmer with the Taper-Lock shaft
Not for the Gen 2 Trimmer

Cutter bodies are machined from 416 stainless steelChamfers the inside case mouth to an angle of 14°.Chamfers the outside case mouth to an angle of 30°Blades are made from carbide.The Taper-Lock cutters are factory adjusted and tested for each caliber.Utilizes a through shaft screw design for precision alignmentAll pilots are Caliber-Specific.
Taper-Lock Cutter Replacement
Disconnect Power Source Before making Any Adjustment
Refer to pictures above
Insert 5/32 Allen wrench into socket head screw in the middle of the pulley
Insert 11/16 wrench on the front of drive shaft
Holding the Allen wrench fixed, loosen the cutter with the 11/16 wrench
Once loose, remove socket head screw with fingers
Replace cutter making sure both tapers are clean
Hold cutter firm against the female taper with fingers reinsert the 10/24 socket head screw until both parts are snug
Inserted the 10/24 Allen wrench holding it fixed tight cutter to the shaft with 11/16 wrench until snug.
Do not over tighten assembly


Cutter Calibers

223, 243 (6mm), 25 cal, 264 (6.5mm), 277, 284 (7mm), 308, 338

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