Gen 3 Taper-Lock Cutting Head


The Taper-Lock cutter head trims overall length as well as chamfers both the inside and outside of the case.  The carbide blades are extremely repeatable and bullet proof.

Cutter Heads can be purchased Adjusted or Non-adjusted.  If you would like to fine tune the cutter to your brass and dies non-adjusted is an option 


For adjustment instructions please refer to our video home page


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Cutter Heads can be purchased (Adjusted or Non-adjusted) 


-Adjusted cutter heads will be adjust and ready to trim Brass by Henderson Precision
-Non-Adjusted cutter heads will need to be adjusted by the end user to your brass and dies 


(For adjustment instructions please refer to our video home page)


Please order cutter heads for new trimmers as needed.  

Taper-Lock cutting heads will only fit the Gen 3 trimmer with the Taper-Lock shaft
(Not for the Gen 2 Trimmer) 


Cutter bodies are machined from 416 stainless steel. The ID chamfer is 14° and the OD chamfer is 30°, the blades are made from carbide. The Taper-Lock cutters can be order either  factory adjusted or they can be adjusted by the end user.  We have videos on our video page that will walk you through the process.  The trimmer utilizes a draw screw taper on taper design for precision alignment of the cutting head and shaft.  All pilots are Caliber-Specific.

Taper-Lock Cutter Replacement
Disconnect Power Source Before making Any Adjustment
Refer to videos above
Insert 5/32 Allen wrench into socket head screw in the middle of the pulley
Insert 11/16 wrench on the front of drive shaft
Holding the Allen wrench fixed, loosen the cutter with the 11/16 wrench
Once loose, remove socket head screw with fingers
Replace cutter making sure both tapers are clean
Hold cutter firm against the female taper with fingers, reinsert the 10/24 socket head screw until both parts are snug
Inserted the 10/24 Allen wrench holding it fixed, tighten cutter to the shaft with 11/16 wrench until snug.
Do not over tighten assembly


Cutter Calibers

17, 204, 223, 243 (6mm), 25 cal, 264 (6.5mm), 277, 284 (7mm), 308, 338

Cutter Type

Adjusted, Non-Adjusted

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