HRP (Hybrid Rifle Platform)


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Description: The HRP (Hybrid Rifle Platform) is more than a stock or a chassis it is the best of both. Designed from the ground up for military and law enforcement applications, it is also right at home in precision rifle competition. The HRP combines a custom designed McMillan Stock rear end, permanently bonded to a proprietary action block that accepts a removable/replaceable front rail system with Mlok compatible slots and industry standard 1.5” dovetail (ARCA)  built in. The lock up between the front rail and the action block is accomplished with a total of six 1/4”-20 grade 8 screws threaded into stainless steel thread inserts creating a super rigid front end that won’t flex under pressure. The action block is machined from a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum and is compatible with most R700 footprint actions. The standard front rail is also machined from a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum and has Mlok compatible slots on three sides. There is a provision for adding optional  steel weights to the front end and adjusting the position of the weights to get the perfect balance for your use. Optional rear weights are available as well and slide in place of the standard butt spacer putting the weight as far back as possible. If you like the ergonomics of a traditional rifle stock but the functionality of a rifle chassis then this is what you have been looking for.



Overall length: 33.25”- 35.25”

Length of pull: 13.5”- 14.5”

Weight: 5lb. 11oz.

Stock Colors

Black, Tan, Green

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