GEN 2 / Gen 3 Motor and Mounting Kit


The Gen 3 powered case trimmer uses a DC motor.  The DC motor is extremely smooth and quiet.  Our 3/8-inch-thick aluminum motor mount bolts the motor directly to the bearing housing.  We have also designed a custom machined pulley that is belt driven.

The motor come fully assembled and ready to bolt directly to the trimmer.  There is some assembley that will include bolting the motor and mount directly to the back of the Gen 2 / Gen 3 case trimmer.

The single speed DC motor was custom built for us.  It was designed to run at the optimal RPM’s for trimming and chamfering.  We then encase the motor in a 6061 billet machined aluminum motor mount shroud which is fully anodized.

Motor kit includes:  motor, motor mount, pulleys, belt, hardware



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